Scandiscope: The Chimney Swiffer by Brad Woodard

Scandiscope (skan-dee-skohp) n.1825 -1825; machine for cleaning chimneys

Ex. The scandiscope removed soot, but also what might have been reindeer droppings.

Lettering by Brad Woodard


  1. Peter Coe wrote:

    What is a scandiscope was a school homework question for me in the early 1960’s. After a day in the local library I came home without an answer. The next day my father acquired a 50’s book that had thousands of such questions including the answer to this one. It stated a scandiscope was a set of hollow rods threaded on a rope and a now conventional sweeps brush head (this was illustrated). So it would be more correct to call it at tool as opposed to a machine.

    • karen wrote:

      This is so interesting Peter! We weren’t so sure about how it actually looks like since we can’t really find a visual reference for it, so glad you pointed it out. Thanks for your comment.